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It’s hard to CLAIM you want to move forward financially if you don’t start taking the proper steps to make it happen.

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Great athletes know that raw talent is not enough. To have longevity and win at the highest levels, you need coaching to improve your skill and execution. The process shouldn’t start with false promises – it starts with expert advice to create the right PLAN!  With guidance, you can strategically use credit, funding, and entrepreneurship to increase your financial security.
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Lisa Gavin

Wealth Mindset Coach | Author | Educator | Speaker | Life Coach

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Lisa Gavin

Lisa and her husband/partner Vince Gavin, own six companies spanning credit building, funding, financial education, investments, trucking, and real estate.

After consulting for nearly 20 years with over 20,000 individuals – implementing techniques for using credit as a wealth-building tool – she transformed this knowledge into a proprietary wealth development system, RECIN©. In 2020, she launched WealthFor.Me Academy to coach others through their wealth-building journey.

Lisa has her MBA from Northeastern Illinois University, and is a certified Life Coach and author of 10 Credit Building Commandments.

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